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Have your golfers been commenting on the riding conditions of your current paths or lack of paths on your course? Is your recreational trail becoming less of a smooth stroll and more of a rocky ride? The concrete professionals at Howrey Construction are here to offer you a solution. Since 1995, we’ve been providing award-winning concrete paving services for golf cart paths and recreational trails in the Midwest.

We’re based out of Iowa, but we’re more than happy to travel to take on a challenge.

Where other concrete companies falter, we thrive. Anyone can pave an easy, flat trail, but we excel in completing projects that are expected to be a bit more difficult than your everyday parking lot or sidewalk. Our experienced team takes pride in leaving your golf course or landscape intact as we work; our paving process is quick, and we leave minimal damage to the area surrounding our construction. Because we care about making the paving process as efficient and effective as possible, we designed our very own custom slip form paver that enables us to deliver the quality of concrete work you expect and deserve.


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Golf Cart Paths

Keep the golf cart paths on your course smooth for your patrons. New cart paths will also elevate and complement the look of your landscape, making it even more inviting for people looking to play a few holes.

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Recreational Trails

The beautiful look of the surrounding landscape should be the main star of recreational biking and walking trails—don’t let a beat-up path steal nature’s thunder. Our slip formed concrete trails will help provide a great place to explore the outdoors for years to come.

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